November 28, 2016 The Point where the Food come out of your Ears…

Hey Ya’ll!

Ok, so you are probably guessing that this week we have had quite the few eating appointments, right? Well you are CORRECT-A-MUNDO!!! Haha I love fun words like that 😀 Anways, so this week was Thanksgiving, as most of you know (Those that are from America), and so we ended up having 2 eating appointments a day (2 hours of space in between) for 3. Days. Straight…… I have honestly no idea how I am alive right now xD Mom, I love you. I think these wonderful people here in Austria are training me for coming back home and eating all of the food at dinner so that we never have leftovers…. ever…. again…. lol xD Haha so don’t worry! I am DEFINITELY not going hungry over here in the country next to HUNGARY XD haha I think I am so funny sometimes xD I am like laughing really hard about that dumb joke that I just told xD It has been really good! We have been able to get to meet more and more members this week!!! Yesterday, Milad and Masoud came to church!!! After church, we went to Familie Degasparie’s for lunch with Milad 🙂 We had Chili 🙂 But not Chili like you would eat in America… This one tasted more like refried beans with ground beef 🙂 With some Tabasco and Habanero Sauce, it had a good kick to it 🙂  (Note to self:Buy Habenero Sauce) It was really great!! Sister Jones, Sister Degasparie-Reyes, and Milad all played this card game while Bruder Degasparie and I made brownies… He does not follow the recipe… He literally threw everything into the bowl, mixed it, and then put it in the oven… It turned out like a cake… The game that they played was really funny because Sister Degasparie-Reyes knows Spanish and a handful of German, Milad knows Persian and a handful of German and some English, and Sister Jones knows English and a handful of German xD Let’s just say that there was a lot of Google Translate involved xD It was so funny xD While we ate the brownies (A.K.A. Cake) and ice cream, we gave our lesson 🙂 We taught Milad about baptism, answered his questions, explained what he would expect at his baptism, and then started making the Program 🙂 Ok, so here is the really awesome part!!! Milad changed his baptismal date!! Before it was on the 22nd of January, but now it is on the 18th of December!!! And he will receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Christmas Day!!! How special is that! 😀 He is so excited!! We only have like 2-3 lessons left with him, and we meet with him twice a week, so he will most definitely be ready 🙂 We are so excited!!! Something else really cool this week is that LOADS of people came up to US this week! We were able to help and serve so many people this week! I absolutely LOVE being a missionary and serving others!!!!! It makes my little heart soar 🙂 I would like to invite each of you to serve 5 people this week! Hold open the door for someone, or tell them that you like your scarf, or buy a little kid a piece of candy! Do something to make others smile 🙂 I love you all! Please be safe and have an amazing start of this amazing Christmas season!
Always and Forever!
Sister Wonson

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