December 5, 2016 #SaturdayIsASpecialDay

Haha ok, So I am just going to tell you about my day on Saturday because it was so awesome and I feel like you all should read about it because it is just so awesome!! Haha so here I go!! It all started with an eating appointment with an investigator and his mom. He is 14, oh his name is Rafi for those who want to know haha We decided to take teaching him in a different direction. So we played a game with him and it was about serving others and making good choices so that we can go to the Celestial Kingdom. He just kept talking about how he wanted to go to the Celestial Kingdom with his mom 🙂 How amazing is that!!! He is so excited for us to come back and teach him!!! We also had a joint teach with our GML Phillipp Hofbauer for our lesson with Milad!! We went through his baptismal program and everything for his baptism 🙂 And then we taught him about the Law of Chastity! Philipp was so great!! He bore such great and strong testimony about the blessings that we receive when we keep the Law of Chastity! It was so great and the Spirit was so strong!!! On Sunday (so Yesterday… haha) we got everything all figured out for his Taufe Kleidung!!! We also met with his brother, Masoud, and we invited him to be baptized when he came to know that what we were teaching him was true, and he  accepted!!!! It was so awesome!!! He said that he would make his baptismal date after Milad’s baptism!!! #HeWillBeFeelingTheSpirit!!!!!!!! That was just a little splash of our Saturday as well as the rest of our week 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful week!!!! And that if you are not doing to Advent Calendar, then I invite you all to do it because it is so awesome!!! We have seen such a difference in our week by doing this!!! I love you all!!!

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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