January 2, 2017 Welcome to the YEAR 2017!!!!!

Well…. I literally thought that this year would never come… Honestly…. I sadly cannot use my joke of saying that I go home in a year (cause 2016 and 2017 are a year apart number-wise haha) cause it is now awkwardly the same year as when I go home… #thatawkwardmoment… But yea! I took the challenge that Sister Kohler gave each of us missionaries, and I wrote down points from every month of this year. Well… past year haha… It was interesting to look back on everything that happened! From Bed bugs to soccer in the snow to heading to switzerland to heading to the hospital to heading home to heading back out to literally everything. Let’s just say that it was an emotional rollercoaster sitting down and thinking about it all!! This week was really difficult with Finding and talking with people, but at the same time I have learned a lot and I have learned that relying on the Lord is still extremely important, even when everything in your life is going good! God he literally loves us so much, that he has given and taken away everything you have in your life. We read in the Bible about Job and his experience. He literally had everything! He had successful crop, a big happy family, he was happy. And then one day, everything was taken away from him! His crops were destroyed, his family was dead, but he was still happy. The first thing he did was something I would never think to do. He went down on his knees and thanked God for all he had and all that was taken away from him. He literally humbled himself before the Lord and put his trust in God and His Plan for him! That is a quality that I am constantly trying to work on–humility. I have been working on humbling myself before the Lord, especially when I feel like everything is going good in my life. It is always hard, I think, to think of how you can be constantly working on this attribute when everything is going good, but it is just as important as when you are going through hard times. God is literally your Father, and he WANTS to hear from you! Have you talked with Him lately?

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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