January 9, 2017 Tonsillitis and MINIONS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Hello All!!!

Haha as you can tell, it has been an interesting week xD I have been having pain in my throat and I went to the doctor today, and he said that he doesn’t see anything wrong with me, but I probably have Tonsillitis… We told him what we saw in my throat yesterday, and he said that it is not there anymore, but I probably have Tonsillitis xD So now I got medicine and I should be fine in 5 days xD If not, then I will be heading back to him next week haha I mean, come one! We all knew this was coming xD I have had some medical problem in every single one of my areas xD It was bound to happen xD That awkward moment when the doctor asks you how long you will be in Wien, and you literally have no idea xD #MissionaryLife!! I am pretty sure that after this transfer, I will be heading out of Wien for my last 2 Transfers, which is really really really really weird, but at the same time it will be good to have a change and new challenges! Now, as for the Minions, I know that you probably need a back story… So here we go!! 😀 Due to me going home the week before my Birthday, and me now going home right before my birthday (again), President Kohler told me that I could pick a day, and celebrate my birthday on that day so that I can say that I “had a birthday” on my Mission xD So me being the person I am, I chose January 3rd 🙂 Because 3 is my favorite number, as well as my original birth-day, and January because the transfer awkwardly ends on February 1st, and I wanted to celebrate it with Sister Jones 🙂 des wegen 🙂 So yea! We bought a Minion cake, Minion napkins, and Minion tissues that SMELL LIKE BANANAS!!!!!!! So yea! It was a great day!!! We also received 2 new Investigators this week and one of them is Arash!! We went to Familie Macek-Morales’ Monday night for FHE with Arash! We watched The Testiments!! It was so great! Arash LOVED it!!! If any of you have not watched it–you should go right now and watch it!! I love that movie!!! 🙂 It was really funny because we did not think that the movie would be that long and Arash also got a little bit lost, so we had to help him get there, so we also started late xD But we literally RAN out of their house in order to get the right Strassenbahn so that we could get home on time xD It was so funny because after we got on the Strassenbahn, Arash asks us why we were running, and then we told him that we were late getting home, and he said, “But you’re with your brother!” It was so great!! We then had to explain to him that our parents don’t know that, and that they just know when we should be home and they hope that we are home on time so that they know that we are safe and sound 🙂 That made sense to him 🙂 So Mom, Dad, I am safe and sound and still living 😀 Just in case you thought that it was Sister Jones writing you this email xD So yea! There is a little splash of my week!!! It was such a good one 🙂 I hope your week is starting off well!! Have a great day!!!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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