January 30, 2017 You never guess what happened….

Ok, so I am going to tell you about 2 importnat things that happened
this week!! Ok, so the first one is Transfer calls! Our Zone Leaders
told us that we are doing them on Saturday like usual, and we were
getting ready to do Bible Prophecies, and President Kohler calls us xD
I literally yelled in our apartment, “Why is President Kohler calling
us?? What did we do??” and then I ended the call with our District,
and it turns out that President was calling to give us our transfer
call xD Sister Jones will be Sister Training Leader with Sister
Mickelson haha I have no idea if that is how you spell it or not xD
German has messed up my spelling xD And I will be having Sister Jenson
as my new companion, and she is from Germany!!! And……… We are
Pink Washing Bad Säckingen!! That is Elder Staheli’s first area!! And
I will be going home from there most likely xD That is wierd because
we are in the same MTC group xD But it was really cool because he was
able to give me like a whole bunch of info about the area and the
people!! So awesome!! I am super excited!! I will most definitely be
finishing my mission hard!The other big thing is that we are having a change of schedule and how
we count our key indicators (which are things to help us focus on our
goal and record what goes on in the area we are serving in)!! We have
a lot more decisions to make as a companionship, and this will help
us, not only for the rest of our mission, but also helping us plan
things when we go home from our missions as well!! I am way excited
about it! It has been a little difficult sticking to it because I have
spent my whole mission doing it one way, and now it is completely
different, but not at the same time.. I hope that made sense…

Another great thing that happened this past week was Tausch with
Sister Renner!!! I love her!!! We had a really cool experience this
tausch 🙂 we klingled this less active that we had an appointment, but
she didn’t pick up…. so we klingled her like 7 more times xD we
called her… no answer… then we decided to do some finding in her
apartment building. The first person we klingled answered and talked
with her about the Book of Mormon and asked her what her favorite book
was!!! She said the Bible!!! So we talked with her about the Book of
Mormon! Sadly, she was not open to us coming back or letting us in
(she was busy…), then we klingled the next person, and they just let
us in. The second she sees us, she says no interest and closes the
door as fast as she could! I almost couldn’t stop myself from laughing
xD then Joy, the less active, calls us back and we presume to tell her
that we are LITERALLY standing right on her door xD like the person
who let us in was her next door neighbor xD it was so funny XD she
finally came and opened the door for us, and we went in and taught her
some German!! She then fed us like some REALLY REALLY spicy rice with
chicken!! Did I ever mention how much I love African food?? Yes, it
was really spicy, and yes, my mouth was on fire, and yes, it tasted
DELISH!!!!! But yea! It was a really great week!! That was just a tiny
splash of our busy busy week!! Tomorrow is my last day here in Wien 3,
and it is really sad to be leaving, but I am also really excited for
this upcoming two transfers 🙂 new challenge, new adventures, and the
return to my baby zone!! I will miss it here, but what keeps me from
getting way way sad is knowing that I will be back in the summer 🙂 so
mom and dad… we need to still be coming back in the summer xD

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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> On 23 Jan 2017, at 12:54, Megan Wonson <megan.wonson@myldsmail.net> wrote:
> Haha Well, I think that you are wondering what kind of a week I had this week xD I will just tell you what each part of my title means xD “Banana Bread”!! Ok, so there is this really amazing Sister in Wien (Sister Whiting), and she makes this Banana Bread!! It is super delicious!!! And if you know me at all, I LOVE baked goods!!! (*cough*cough* I might have a problem with that… it’s fine though xD) Anyways, so She gave us the recipe for it, and the same night we called this family in our Ward up to see if they had time this week because we have been trying to see them for like a month or so! So me, being the clever person that I am, I told them that we have something for them and would like to bring it over to them when they have time and share a Spiritual Thought xD I got off the phone, and Sister Jones turns to me and says, “So what are we going to give them?” and I said, “You know… that’s a good question! Looks like we have a week to figure that out xD” So we made them Banana Bread (with chocolate chips because Sister Jones’ family and friends love her and sent her chocolate chips!!!)!!!  So we bring it over, and they are really into health and all of that, so the dad ate one and then asked, “What is in it that makes it so sweet?” and I looked at him and said, “SUGAR” xD It was SOOOO funny!!!!!!!
> Das Gesicht, ok so some of you might not know what that word means… That’s ok because I am going to help you polish up your German and let you know that that is the word for “face” 😀 So I have been trying to find new ways to learn new words, and I decided one day to look through the millions and millions of Ensigns and Liahonas and find some pictures that I could easily label!! So I found this really big close-up of this little boy, and so I cut out his face, and I glued it to a piece of paper and labeled it!! Sister Jones was laughing at me like the whole time because I kept telling her that it is awkward that it is a picture of a boy because I was wanting to find one of a girl so that it wouldn’t be awkward xD #MissionaryLife Haha so yea! I actually learned like 20 words that day!!! Super proud of myself!!!
> And the bad choices involving cheese… Ok… Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Spätzle… So we were at the Van Rozan lunch (probably my last one), and they had Käse Spätzle on the menu!! And for all of those who know me, they would know that I was only looking at the “Spätzle” part xD So I ordered it XD That was a bad decision…. Let’s just say that we went home after that, had to cancle Tausch, and stayed home for the rest of the day because I was dying…. I think I have learned my lesson by now xD
> Haha xD Well, that is probably a great splash from this week xD Haha I hope you all enjoyed a great laugh xD It was a really great week!! We are filled with appointments this week 😀 Haha I hoped that made sense…. haha we got a lot of appointments… I hope that makes more sense… xD Everyone is starting to realize that Transfers are in a week in and a half xD I hope you all have a blessed week and I invite you all to make a goal for the month of February for what you want the outcome of your February to be, and then make 3-5 smaller goals to help you reach that ultimate goal!! I know that when you do this, you will be able to focus more on the things that you wish to accomplish, rather of the things that you do not accomplish. I saw this Mormon Message a year back about this woman who had a list of things to do everyday that led up to her meeting with her cousin between a flight. So many things changed throughout the day, and her day did not go as planned, but at the end of the day, she was able to realize the Lord’s hand that she has seen throughout her day. She was able to see the Lord’s “To-Do List” for her to do that day. Making this original list is the first step. The second step is to pray and ask God to help you know of what is on His list. I have seen in my mission, as well as life, that when we do our best to align Our Will with God’s Will, then we will be able to accomplish so much more, and will be so much happier!
> Always and Forever,
> Sister Wonson

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