February 6, 2017 Transfer 11… 11 is a wierd number…

Well everyone, as you can tell, I am pretty old on my mission xD Sometimes it is scary, and sometimes it brings me peace to know that I have spent the past 15 months serving the Lord 🙂 It has been quite the emotional week as I said goodbye to my family in Wien 3 and headed to Bad Säckingen. It was really really difficult to leave, but I am happy that I have been sent here with amazing challenges that definitely make us think outside the box! For instance, we got to our new apartment at 9pm Wednesday night, and the apartment was SO FILTHY!!! Which is so sad because I know an elder that lived in this apartment and cleaned every single nook and cranny and it looked like no one had cleaned it since this elder left!! Lets just say that we were too grossed out by the beds, so we took the spare mattresses, and slept on the floor for the night xD We got pretty creative that night xD We spent the next couple of days cleaning it enough until we could live until monday to finish cleaning it, as well as buy food that wasn’t expired… Boys, if you haven’t cleaned your room and your bathroom in the past week, please go and do it right now because I can testify that when it isn’t cleaned, not even the bugs want to live there it is so gross xD Something really cool is our ward!! Seriously such a great ward! The Relief Society President has been amazing, as well as our Branch President, as well as… well… pretty much everyone!! xD We have been to see a couple of members this past week, and they have all told us that we should stop by literally anytime xD So many people have come up to us saying that we can use them for joint teaches! This ward is all about missionary work and bringing the work forward! The branch president is wanting us to go proselyting in the Switzerland part of our area (so… half of our area), and apparently all of the missionaries before never really went to Switzerland to proselyte because their travel pass doesn’t cover it.. Speaking of… We are not quite sure how to get around in this area because trains and buses only come like once every 2 hours, and our bikes are literally as tall as me, and there is pretty much no transportation on the Switzerland side of our area… We have asked President of the possibility of getting a car for our area, and due to not that many cars being in our mission, that is kind of not possible at the moment… But he said that he will keep a look out for us for when a car is available. Who knows how long that will take, so we are trying to be creative with traveling… haha xD It’s been interesting xD  It was really cool today in the Supermarket!! We were getting groceries for the week, and this guy comes up to us and says “Jesus?!” and then he started talking to us about how he came to find Jesus Christ! It was literally so cool! Sister Jenson talked with him about the Book of Mormon and how it goes hand in hand with the Bible and how they support each other and how it is Heilige Schrift! He said that he would read it and look at the websites we gave him! We also wrote down our number for him because he was pretty persistent on just reading the website and not meeting with us to learn more, but we are crossing our fingers and praying that he will call us or text us wanting more information and a Book of Mormon and just to come closer to Christ!! It has been a challenge, but a good one 🙂 I am so grateful to spend my last 2 transfers here in Bad Säckingen with Sister Jenson 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! I am sorry for those on this email list that don’t understand English that easily… Maybe you can ask a friend or coworker that knows English to translate for you so that you can understand it better 🙂

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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