February 13, 2017 That Awkward Moment when the Monkey’s Phone is Better Than Our Phone

So, you all know what a Monkey’s Phone is, right? If you don’t, then let me take you back to your childhood when you realized that a banana looks like a phone, and you pretended to be a monkey calling your mom with your banana phone xD Well… That phone is better than ours xD I won’t go into much detail because it will probably sound like I am being ungrateful or not enjoying the little things in life. The other day, we were really frustrated with our phone, and we remembered that we had bananas in our bags from a member, and so we took them our and pretended to call people xD It was so funny xD This week has been really interesting and really funny at the same time xD We have discovered that we have a problem xD  So We have discovered Elder’s Apartments and discovered that the rumors are true xD We have been joking that we should hold a “how to clean your apartment” training so that everyone learns the importance of actually cleaning their apartment xD We ask elders all of the time now if they have cleaned their apartment xD That is quite weird to hear someone ask you xD Anyways, so our problem is that we can’t stop cleaning xD For instance, on Friday after lunch I was going to wash the dishes because that is what you do when you eat lunch xD Anyways, Sister Jensen went to finish the stove top really quickly to pass the time while I did the dishes. This then resulted in me cleaning all of the hardwater from the sink, Sister Jensen pulling apart the fan thingy above the stove to clean it, me cleaning the glass on the oven, and then remembering that the freezer DESPERATELY needs to be defrosted xD Don’t worry… we talked with Sister Kohler (the wife to our Mission President) about our need to clean our apartment xD We spent 3-4 hours today just on the shower cover thingy xD She told us that we are not allowed to clean for the rest of the day xD We had to quickly get ready and then leave the house because we were itching with the need to clean xD Other than that, our week has been pretty great!! We have done a lot of finding this week and have found one new investigator and then one new potential investigator that we are meeting with a less active member on friday!! The ward is still amazing and willing to help us out in absolutely any way 🙂 Yesterday, we were greeting into the ward with white roses 🙂 How sweet is that? 😀 Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that yes, it has been a challenge, but everyday we are able to find a miracle because God is constantly blessing us with Miracles, sometimes we just have to look a little bit until you find one 🙂 It was so crazy! We are meeting with an old man on Friday with a less active member that lives around the corner from him! We had visited her earlier this week, and we went finding around her apartment afterwards, and we klingled this guy, and he just let us right in! We told him who we were and that we were asking people what their favorite book was, and he got so excited and pretty much pulled us into his apartment just so that he could show us xD We had to tell him that we awkwardly can’t come in due to Mission Guidelines that keep us safe so that our families and parents can know that we are safe. So then we started talking to him on his doorstep and he went on and on about the Bible and how he is looking for Wahrheit (truth auf Englisch)!! It was honestly so cool!! We then shared a bit of the Restoration with him, and as soon as we finished telling him about Joseph Smith’s experience, he started talking about how he is looking for Wahrheit and he had met with the JW’s, but didn’t agree with what they believed and that he is still looking for Wahrheit!! We then set up a new appointment with him, and shared with him the Book of Mormon and invited him to read a couple of pages until we meet next, and he was so excited to read the Book of Mormon!! that was honestly such a cool and blessed experience! Those moments remind me every single day why I am out here! I have been praying so hard that we will be led to those in Bad Säckingen that have been specifically prepared for Sister Missionaries! We have been led to so many people and I am here to testify that Prayer works! God loves us so much and hears every single prayer, no matter how small! And if you have the faith to act on the answer, then you will be able to see it very clearly! 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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