March 20, 2017 Tauf Datum, RS party of PARTIES, and Valentina

Hahahahahahahahaha I am sorry… I just need to laugh right now because this email will end funny xD But I will start with the Tauf Datum (baptismal date) of Aldo!!! We saw him this past week and taught him about the Atonement and Forgiveness, and he really liked how he can become clean from past wrong decisions and have this guilt lifted. He told us that he wanted to be baptized! It was so awesome!!! His baptismal date is currently set for 8 April!! I am so excited that he is excited!!! After we set the date, Aldo laughed and said, “This could really be my date!” It was such a spiritual moment 🙂

This past Saturday (so… like 2 days ago), the members in Switzerland threw a Relief Society party due to it being the 175 Anniversary of Relief Society! It was such a great experience to see 500 women at the Schwammadingen church building! There were so many different Workshops that you could do and a Days for Girls Service Project! One of the workshops that was given was called Missionsbericht, and that is where 2 women spoke about their missions. The culture, memories, the people, etc. It was so cool to see different cultures! The Spirit was strongly present at the party 🙂
And last, but not least, Valentina xD Ok, so we went to Familie Kamm’s yesterday. Their baby was sick (poor guy…) and almost puked on Sister Jensen’s skirt that I was wearing! Their little boy named Silas was sitting next to me, and he all of the sudden points at me and tells me that I am Valentina… I was so confused and he just kept telling me that I am Valentina xD I then asked his dad, and his dad told me that Valentina is his FUTURE WIFE xD I then turned to Silas and asked him why I am Valentina, and he just kept telling me that I am Valentina xD Then his mom then said that his future wife isn’t Valentina, but her name is Vanessa…. So my question has been ever since, Who is Valentina?!?!?! A lot of really funny things happened in that appointment that I can’t wait to tell you all in just a month xD Haha but yea! That is just a little splurge of this week!!! I hope ya’ll had a great week and that this week will be another great one!!!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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