March 27, 2017 Bikes, Angels, and Miracles!!

Well, I hope you all are able to see how amazingly spiritual my week has been! Alright! That means that I am done with this email! Well, see y’all next week!

lol just kidding😜 Well, I am just going to start from the beginning of this email title and move to the end because it all flows together beautifully! So this week, we got our bikes back from the shop, and we were going to ride them (in my case, attempt lol) until I could get my bike switched out xD Let me start off with I am small… And if any of you know Elder Tholen, turns out that he and Elder Staheli (he was in my MTC group) are the ones who picked them out… I am small… let me remind you for those who have a Dory-like memory (enter Sister Wonson’s face into the dictionary next to the word “Dory” lol) I am small xD So you can probably imagine a bike that tall elder’s chose and then imagine me next to them, you will understand the problem xD When I rode it, let’s just say that my foot wasn’t even touching the pedals when my that leg was down while the other one was up (I really hope that made sense…..) But yea xD Sister Jensen attempted teaching me how to ride a bike that is too big for me xD I was able to get started… but mom, I don’t know if you remember riding to Walmart before my mission and everytime we got to that one stoplight where I had to throw me and myself on the bike onto the ground just so that I would not get hit by cars because I would end up not being able to stop and I would start riding into the intersection lol well, that is pretty much what happened every time I had to stop the bike! lol I would try to stop, and the bike would either not get stopped in enough time and I would have to throw me and the bike down, or I would stop, but fall down because I am too small and can’t touch the ground and I don’t have the best balance xD Yea haha I got quite frustrated this week haha Sadly we were not able to get the bike switched out, but that is ok because I have decided that I want to live after my mission xD If we have to run places, I will gladly do it haha
I had an experience while riding the bike this week. We were riding home, and I was completely out of strength and we were almost home and I felt like we could not do it anymore. I had the thought to start thinking of all of the things that I am thankful for. I starting saying everything that I am thankful for (out loud), and I remember thanking God for His Angels that He constantly has watching over me. I then remembered someone say that we can literally call on the help of God’s Angels anytime that we truly need them. I then asked God to send me some Angels to help me get home safely. All of the sudden, I was pedaling faster and faster and it felt so easy! I was able to get home safely that night! My testimony that night was strengthened that when we really are doing everything that we can, God will send us help to complete the rest 🙂
A miracle from this week was Eivonny 🙂 She is a less-active member in our ward here, and she has not been able to get to church, due to work. We recently discovered that she starts work at 12 every other Sunday and can come to at least Sacrament Meeting some Sundays! so we went to Wehr to go by on our Investigator, and he was not home, and so I wanted to go by on Eivonny and see how she was doing. We were not sure if she was home or not, but she ended up being home! We then stopped by and this time it felt different. We starting talking, and we started asking her when she would be able to come to church next, and she told us this whole story about how she couldn’t until after Easter, and she was making up excuse after excuse. She then asked us if we had a Spiritual Thought, and we told her “always” lol #ThatMissionaryLife I then immedetly thought of Mosiah 2:17, which talks about how when you serve others, you are serving God. We had her read it, and then we discussed it. And then all of the sudden, there was this silence, and we could just see her thinking really hard. And then Sister Jensen asked her a question, and then she said, “Alright, I will go to church!” It was like that Hank Smith experience from his “break up with the world” CD! On Sunday, we showed up at her house at 8am and told her that she needed to take us to church because I had to give a talk xD She then came to church!!!! It was so awesome!!! As I was sitting up at the front, I watched her as she took the sacrament for the first time in a long time, and you could tell that it was special 🙂 All of the talks were just exactly what she needed to hear 🙂
So yea! That was just a splash of my week!! It was really difficult, but also really rewarding 🙂 I love this work, and I will take these last 3 weeks to show my Father in Heaven just how much it means to me 🙂 I hope you all have a great week!!!
Always and Forever,
Sister Wonson

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